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Nct reaction to you pouting

nct reaction to you pouting atleast let me finish this game and I’m all yours” he said as you huffed pouting and laying on the bed behind him, “whatever” you mumbled annoyed, as he continued to play his game you continued to let out little signs to remind him that you were waiting, he would finally giving in causing you to break out into a smile “okay. You requested on my exo account but I’m posting this on my multifandom reaction account, I hope that’s okay! Sorry! May 25, 2020 · 🎥NCT 127 Punch MV : https://youtu. When he pulled him aside and confronted him he’d watch Yoongi sigh with a sorry face and shamefully admit his dream. Genre: Fluff, University AU Pairing: Taeyong x Reader Words: 1k Warnings: None You ran to your chemistry laboratory, mentally cursing yourself for taking a long shower which ended up making you late. request: hiya! can i request a stray kids reaction to you having lots of guy friends, and they get jealous? thanks a/n: this is quite long and took me so much time to make so i hope you enjoy this one! writing this after just seeing them in person does things to me Jan 22, 2020 · Lucas asks, pout evident as he tries to touch your arm. Your intertwined hands swung loosely between the two of you as He thought about this, and laughed again. I did struggle a little with making this cause I see them all wanting to start their own family first, unless they/you can’t medically or if their partner is male, but I hope you like it. Reaction to Their S/O Being Touchy When In The Mood ‘Can I have a reaction for NCT 127 (without mark and haechan) when their gf bites/licks their ear because your in the mood? Please take your time you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to and I really like your blog its ’ A/N: Enjoy friends You scowled at him, earning a laugh from him, pulling you to him and kissing you gently. Jul 28, 2016 · When you pout and face away from him, he will move closer to you, and kiss your neck to let you know that if you act any cuter, you’re not getting sleep easy. Thank you i love your blog uwu a/n: uwu thank you ily2 taeyong as soon as he hears the NCT 127 + Renjun: Reaction to seeing you in a swimming suit for the first time. You didn’t even try to talk him out of the extra rehearsal time, because you knew he wouldn’t budge. taehee’s relationships outside nct red velvet • close since trainee days ofc!!! • irene takes care of her a lot, just like a mom would • taehee looks up to seulgi a lot, esp when it’s about dancing • okay you’ve heard of ceo and secretary trope but take this au as a concept: jaehyun is the president (one of the youngest presidents for the most influential companies in the world) of his company and he made you as one of the ceos cause you deserve it and is a powerful woman. I apologize for no gifs, my laptop and phone were having problems adding them NCT U {boss} reaction to another male idol saying you’re their idol type. A/N: Hello guys! It’s your girl Winnie back with another post! This one is a request I got so I’ll be putting in the request below! Also thank you so much for the love you’ve been giving me! Seriously as a writer it warms my heart to know you guys appreciate my work! NCT DREAM Reaction when you end up being late to your first date and they think you stood them up (Quando você acaba se atrasando para seu primeiro encontro e eles acham que você deu o bolo neles) Prontinho! - Admin Honey. NCT U Reaction To You Cuddling Up To Them When Your Cold Taeil: He’d become so shy he didn’t know how to act I mean he’s already squishy enough. I just want to avoid members being repeated if I get a request for U and then for 127 or doing just really long requests for 15 members, as well as not to mix and make it complicated when doing rated requests. Anonymous said: for the cuddles, can u do NCT 127 reaction? 🥺 thank youuuu Answer: “of course baby!! i hope you enjoy!” Moon Taeil • honestly just likes both. Reaction To: Their S/O Giving Them Back Hugs S T R A Y K I D S R E A C T I O N T O : You, their S/O, randomly giving them back hugs and kisses on the cheek Genre: Absolute total fluff Chan: Laughter NCT 2018 Reaction: You are scared of going home alone in the dark [[MORE]]Taeil:The two of you have been together for almost two years now and ever since you have told him about feeling uncomfortable NCT Reaction. I’ve been feeling a little sick lately and my mind has been mush but have this fluff of EXO 12! You also hear the grunts from your boyfriend throwing his bag across the room and falling onto the couch. Go shower” you say in disgust, trying to move as far away from him as possible, which is difficult. He won’t tell you that he doesn’t want to actually do it and S/O Wearing Their Clothes (NCT 127 Reaction) Taeyong• Everyone who knows NCT knows that Taeyong is a whole cutie • So seeing his s/o in his clothes would make him shy asf • but he would be absolutely Scenario: SM and NCT’s managers announced a new addition to their team: a female member. renjun was being You quickly reassured him, “Don’t worry, it’s just stuff I brought for us to cook. Doyoung : He thought there was something seriously wrong when he was seeing you pout and immediately sighs in relief that you were only upset over such a small thing. Mark: “I’ll wait just a little more…” After waiting for fifteen minutes, he started to feel a little sad, telling nct 127′s reaction to their s/o getting hit on in the club. You sighed when you remembered that you didn’t have enough money for another hot cocoa, only for a cakepop, but food is food. Apr 23, 2017 · BTS: Reaction to their crush being mistaken as their girlfriend •Jin: You two were walking through the super market, looking for snacks and sugary drinks for your movie night at the dorm. “Too bad you'll have  29 Apr 2018 NCT DREAM REACTION TO ANOTHER IDOL FLIRTING WITH YOU -he would pout. “Give me some attention instead of the thunderstorm!” Jaehyun: “C’mere” He’d hug you, he’d cuddle you; he’d just comfort you in any possible ways. ] you lay on your back on the bed, jaehyun’s body pressed into your side and thin fingers drawing patterns on your slightly swollen belly. won’t do jisung or chenle, sorry, hope this is okay ‘00 line’s reaction to being dared to kiss you (their crush) at a party; jeno; his entire body perks up, eyes wide as he lets out an audible ‘huh’? renjun repeats that he dares him to kiss you and you meet his raised eyebrows when he drags his stare towards yours. you knew he was teasing you, so you  11 Apr 2018 pouts his lips acting like he's sad uwu; sometimes him acting sad u think he's serious (which he intends it to be) so you'll give him kisses; like,, 'I  6 Jan 2020 The pout playing on your lips made him feel bad; so he immediately took the belt off of your waist and handed you another belt from his closet  17 Jul 2019 NCT 127 Reaction to you wanting kitten play/being in kitten spacePt. Anon: nct maknae line reacting to u kissing them while theyre talking? I hope you like this :-) you can find the hyung line’s reaction here: (this was a post scheduled for 01/02/17 so won’t be found of the masterlist yet. At first he said some Hyuk like things to make you stop asking, because he didn’t want to say no to you and came Nct dream reaction to their S/o wearing one of their shirts or jumpers. 1 day ago · NCT 127 Reaction to You Being Insecure About Your Curves {Requested} Anon: hey, hey, can i maybe request an nct 127 (or dream) reaction to you being insecure about your curves (especially bc u have bigger thighs) thank you so much sweetheart and pls keep up the good work!. although you were almost 23 weeks into your Wooyoung asks while playfully smirking “Truth” you responded before looking to the boy who was now giving a michievous laugh, before shooting the bomb “Is it true that you have a crush on Yeosang?”, the boy in question looks up from the book he was reading to you, as you heard the question you feel all the blood in your body running to babysitting with you. You would demand for him to tell you what was so funny, and he would say, “Do you want an apology?” You would pout and say that it may help you feel better. Dec 19, 2019 · yandere!nct 127 headcanons [ jaehyun — haechan ] | anonymous said: Could you do nct127 yandere reaction to you being sweet and cute and always trying to please them cause you’re so in love? Love your writing, you’re amazing. Can you do a NCT reaction to finding old self harm scars? Like noting present, but more of a part, hard, time. Haechan: Hyuck always teases you playfully all the time for being an idol with two left feet but when you fall and twist your ankle on stage and he watches you limp while doing your best to finish the choreo, he’s almost running out in the middle of your performance with an ice pack. “Hey, stinker,” you pinch his nose and nudge him so you can take the conversation to the living room. You had a feeling that Seonghwa was cheating on you ever since he started coming home late, claiming he had practice. Ruin (M) Requested- You knew what you were getting into the minute you purchased those fishnet stockings. Especially you! Boys all over were fanboying over you saying you might be the most perfect idol to ever lay foot on this Earth. “Why are you still crying?” You let out a choked noise unable to reply and Jaehyun finally got the signal and released his hold barely but just enough for you to take a breath. [12:30pm] You were in your living room sitting on the couch watching Cravity’s Weekly idol whilst boyfriend!Allen was sleeping in bed, tired from his debut. A/N: i’ll only be doing the mad part because i feel like this is too specific, hope you don’t mind though!! this is pretty short, im sorry but enjoy reading~ —— p NCT Reactions, Imagines, Scenarios, and Others! -Keeps pouting and crossing his arms-Mark may notice, but he'd try his best to ignore it out of nervousness NCT 2018 Reaction To You Wanting a Puppy …. but you do the same back so in the end it’s fine, he especially loves to tease you in front of the other members, watching your face get all read as you punch him in the arm makes him smile, and it’s vice versa for you as well, teasing him in front of the boys is a win cause he gets all flustered and embarrassed, a pouting cutie Just because he used that nickname you decided to get ready and go over. “i’m sorry, i’m sorry, you’re just too cute,” he would defend himself between giggles, catching both of your wrists with one of his hands and cupping your face Nct Reaction: to their girl group trash gf (Hyung Line) Taeil: he would wake up and realise that you weren’t sleeping beside him so tae would walk out of your shared bedroom to find you in one of his NCT 127 Reaction: their s/o randomly blurting out I love you. “his cheeks look so flustered as he’s drinking,” you giggled addressing to renjun who was sat beside you to which he just shook his head. Sorry for not posting this week so far, I was a bit stressed because of school…school is actually so stressing when it is the last two weeks as we arrange group pictures and have to get dressed for it and everything and yeah…the scary thing is…next week Friday is my last school day ever before I have my oral Oct 01, 2019 · NCT Dream + Apple PickingA/N: so I guess apple picking is a real thing for me cause this got pretty long lmao Renjun complains when you suggest the idea, more content to stay inside and enjoy an 「 taeyong 」 tae kisses you right on the lips whenever you do something exceptionally cute or heartfelt. Today nct 127 is doing promotions as well, while taeil is in the living room he notices this really pretty girl, dressed in cute clothes while all she does is drink water. be/U08OSl3V4po NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out! Listen and download on your favor A/N: requested by my dear anon that talks too much i love donghyuck with all my heart and if any of y'all go against him or me, prepare to watch these hands fly up- i’m sorry this is so bad and i can’t be savage at all so jsksk —— Mark: Can’t help but laugh at Haechan, probably giving you a thumbs up or high five after, “Well done Y/N” because someone finally had the ability to nct nct 127 wakey wakey johnny jaehyun jungwoo taeil doyoung haechan mark yuta donghyuck taeyong nct reaction nct reactions nct meme what is jaehyun in crop top johnny's wearing a wig i can't even grammar what is happening we know where all our wigs went to johnnys stylist eye-also it was a surprise wth sm mine you just debuted and going into your 3rd debut stage, you are excited because you are meeting idols you have always admired and they have been all so nice. Its now time to meet Mark!As you gave him your letter that you wrote for him he Aug 02, 2017 · Hi!! Can you please to a nct reaction (ten, jaehyun, winwin, and taeyong) to their s/o having a giant teddy bear because they need to cuddle something in order to sleep? Thanks you! Take all the time NCT 127 - First Kisses Main Masterlist NCT Masterlist Taeyong Originally posted by nctswitch He wanted to be 100% sure, so he’d been waiting for a while to make his move. he’d often just sit there and look at you Situation: He is on his way back home/busy when you call him and ask him to do something for you which he refuses. In reality, he had just been really busy and not in the mood to have deep conversation these past couple of days, but you couldn’t see it that way. ” his hands are around your waist while you hug him and UGH hes so cute bc hes just pouting; lowkey annoyed you end up having your lips on his so he could shut up; and just before you left hoseok he was in a shook and blushy mess. Just to show more of a reasuring kind of side that no matter what has happened in the past, everything will be okay. Doyoung: *sits in the corner frowning and doesn’t talk to you* Originally posted by 17 hours ago · Nct Reaction To You Being Short Taeyong : Would immediatel. You had woken up a while ago and decided to let him sleep because he deserves it, he has been working so hard for his debut and you were so incredibly proud of him. Little did Thanks for requesting @pinktea99 and also I am a multistan for a reason and love all these groups so much! Hope you get your biases! :)) NCT: Lucas You were the shy one and he thought you were super cute and made a lot of effort to get you comfortable with him so that you would inevitably fall for him, he’s pretty confident and easy going so it wasn’t hard for him at all lol. He loved you, so he wanted you to pass the upcoming quiz instead of listening to you complain about failing it, even though you didn’t listen to the His pout made you internally squeal. then when you two are alone, he’d definitely scold you for wearing such a short skirt and ‘flaunting your legs to the world. I was asked to buy some sugar and on my way back, there was a large rock on the road, instead of turning tow the side, I ran over it and my bike went wacko. have no fear! I’ll do this reaction with all the units if you guys want! just let me know <33333. And, since he loved you so much, he poked your arm with the erase nub of his pencil until you woke, and pointed at the teacher, sending a soft smile your way in response to your tired pout. Mark: “Y/n you look really beautiful in my shirt you should wear them more” Originally posted by ldks. Jan 03, 2017 · Group: NCT Dream (all members) Theme: Getting caught under a mistletoe Type: Reaction. Doyoung : H NCT Reaction when their s/o pouts because they didn’t hug them (random mems) Masterlist. okay I’m coming” he would although his little girl was his whole world, he was working on nct 127′s new song. 𝕘𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕡: nct 𝕣𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥: none:) but requests are open 𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘(𝕤): none :) 𝓶𝓸𝓸𝓷 𝓽𝓪𝓮𝓲𝓵 seeing you wear his clothes had to be one of the happiest times in his life. requested: Yayay ok how about nct u reaction to their s/o coming home crying after a really long rough day. Sehun watches you, hoping you’re going to walk back to your bedroom, but instead you walk toward the t. NCT 127′s reaction to you finding out that they’ve been cheating on you (1) NCT 127′s reaction to see you again after the betrayal (2) NCT 127’s reaction to you falling of the stairs and getting hurt. Read if you are bored! Nct Yuta, Nct Taeyong, Na Jaemin, Cute · Nct YutaNct TaeyongNa JaeminCute IconsReaction PicturesJaehyunNct DreamNct 127Pretty   26 Nov 2019 They look so cute when they do it you can't help but want to pinch their cheeks and try to cheer them up. Taeil: •you wouldn’t even notice that taeil was trying to tickle you •i mean aside from the fact that ur not ticklish it would look like he’s just trying to grab your attention or something You had never seen Haechan be so straight forward before. NCT (Band) SuperM (Korea Band) reddish splotches from the remains of fever and shiny eyes with pouting lips—and Taeyong is a goner. And then take the quiz yourself to see who *you* get! 🥰reactions🥰 hello! i do reactions for bts, skz, nct, and atz! requests: open :) search “masterlist” Baekhyun: He would go up you where you were still sleeping and place kisses in random places all over you face; forehead, temple, cheeks, and nose. One the inside, he  he pout o3o Jeno Nct, Winwin, Nct 127, Ntc Dream, Nct U 𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚎𝚣 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜 - NCT (LEGAL LINE) Reaction To You Squirting (MATURE). His eyes darken when he finds you at the bar, taking a sip of your drink as you let another man beside you try and chat you up. nct u is rotational unit so the lineup isn’t permanent and so i will have different members in each nct u reaction. She’s a friend from You catch him staring at you + he catches you staring at himHim - Your boyfriendYou - His girlfriend/boyfriend Pretty self explanatory. Request: Will you do a NCT reaction to coming home late to find their gf had such a bad day that she wanted to cry to them, but instead cried herself to sleep, hugging their pillow? A/N: Thank you for the request! This was so fun to write!! Jaehyun, feeling the movement, groaned, squeezing you until you couldn’t breathe and you grunted. This is part two to mafia!127’s s/o faking their death to get away from him, and now the plot is thickening. Dream reaction to their S/O kissing them in front of the other members ♡ Renjun ♡ • I feel like Renjun is a secret romanticist and loves these kinds of things • So when you kiss him out of the blue Exo Imagines Jealous NCT 127 Reaction to meeting/asking out their famous crush HEYYYYY sorryyyyyyy for such a long hiatus a lot has been going on with life, one being the fact that both my laptops are broken. Melting Point (M)- In an attempt to pull Jaemin away from his busy schedule of promoting the new album, you promise to let him try something new in the bedroom tonight. You instantly knew he was big, but you had much more important things to focus on rather than a teenage boy. he’s sitting across the circle of friends from where you’re Jul 28, 2019 · it’s nct’s cry for help. “you’re lying, there’s no such thing! i’ll go ask johnny, then,” he finalizes after you repeatedly nod your head in persistence. He had understandably gotten jealous and yet his cold exterior made it difficult for you to be certain what was the reason for the cold shoulder you were receiving. Chanyeol: ‘’Not bad…but why don’t you fangirl over my voice like that?!’’ keeps frowning for the rest of You instantly knew he was big, but you had much more important things to focus on rather than a teenage boy. He’d tease you for a bit, but when he saw you pouting - his ultimate weakness - and Nct Dream Reaction. mafia!nct 127 reaction: after you fake your death and run away, he finds out you left because you’re pregnant. Posted: 3 years ago on February 19, 2017 at 13:27 Notes: 135 Tags: #ok then #nct reaction #yep yep #taeyong reaction #nct tattoo #jaehyun reaction #taeil reaction #mark lee reaction #nct mark reaction #yuta reaction #nct imagine Apr 29, 2017 · NCT 127 reaction to seeing their s/o dance for the first time. ’ Originally posted by missbaptan Yoongi: He’d be full on NCT Jisung - Short Scenario: “because… because it’s you!” ~Fluffy~ Hey guys this is just a NCT Dream’s Jisung fluffy short scenario. 함핒핣핟핚핟하(핤): none :) 핒/핟: so i’m not sure if i ever mentioned this but nct u reactions are going to be different. Read NCT Reaction when their s/o pouts because they didn't hug them from the story NCT REACTIONS by kpplve (♡) with 5,890 reads. he also likes to joke around a lot just to see you pout; ago 297 notes jeno lee nct dream nct nct writing nct we young nct reactions nct request nct 1 day ago · Seokjin: You had warned him not to tickle you. NCT 2018 Reaction: You do something stupid because you are absent-minded [[MORE]]Taeil: You two had dinner together in front of the tv while watching a drama as you often did. how I think NCT might act 🤷🏻‍♀️ cover made on Canva #127 #chenle #doyoung #dream #haechan #hendery #jaehyun #jaemin #jeno #jisung #johnny #jungwoo #kun #lucas #mark #nct #reaction #renjun #taeil #taeyong #ten #winwin #xiaojun #yangyang #yuta “You weren’t supposed to know,” he said. When San and Yeosang went live at the same time Seonghwa told you that they’re all practising, you knew something was up. 6,542 Likes, 14 Comments - ash ੈ ‧₊˚ (@pandawithnojams) on Instagram: “he pout pout” Funny Kpop Memes Kid Memes Infinite Members Mark Nct Taeyong Jaehyun Nct Dream Nct 127 How Are You Feeling You open your eyes fully aware of what’s coming. NCT Dream reaction to their s/o covering an NCT song aaaah tysm for requesting again @albdajirk !! your requests are always so cute i love them please keep requesting ahah >mark: “because,” you say with a smile on your face, “it’s your nineteenth birthday. ) I agree to NCT contacting me in the following ways: NCT dreams reaction to you being afraid of thunder. He just he’d probably blush, whining that surprise kiss attacks aren’t allowed, while holding his face in his hands to attempt to hide his gradually darkening cheeks and pouting. TaeilCatch Him-Smiles nervously and slowly looks away-Looks really awkward-He really just didn't know how to reactCatches You-Squints to make sure he's seeing right-Gets embarrassed when he realizes you were staring-Has an adorable smile on his face Johnn [22:53] The hot of the heater was keeping you warm, though you want him, Doyoung, to be the one keeping you warm between his arms. song ; Boom - NCT Dream — stan nct, sm, get your crap together or leave (: Jan 17, 2017 · [NCT YUTA X TAEYONG] Yutae Moment in NCT Life Osaka DAY 2 part#1 - Duration: 7:27. NCT Dream Reaction: Having an older s/o Requested by @sayurifushigi I’m writing this so their s/o is 17 and Mark’s is 18, because I don’t want to make them too old as I don’t support minors dating He grabbed your shoulders and gave you a pout. Mark: He’d blush like crazy and would kiss you so quickly you wouldn’t have known what happened if it wasn’t for the shy smile he had on his blushing face Apr 10, 2018 · MARK “jagi. December 12, 2016 EXO’s Reaction to you sleeping on the couch waiting for them Minseok: *Silent and considerate. You need to know… We would like to keep in touch with you about our services, support, events, campaigns, and fundraising. playlist :: best friend (nct dream) ⋆ waking up slow (gabrielle aplin) ⋆ fool  28 Mar 2018 MARK* Mark would think this was absolutely adorable, he'd probably even stand up on his tippy toes just to make you pout, this would also be  Nov 9, 2019 - nct dream zhong chenle pout cute baby babie icon icons pfp twitter Just some Stray Kids memes you can caption (Not Mines) & Stray Kids Amino Includes: + Reactions + Pictures + Material B & # Fanfic # amreading # books. You fell asleep fitfully on the couch waiting, only to wake up an hour later as he carried you to bed. You requested on my exo account but I’m posting this on my multifandom reaction account, I hope that’s okay! Nct 2018 legal line reacts; you wearing short shorts. He will be a very low-key mischievous person in bed, and if you end up saying something embarrassing, he will tease you about it in front of others the next day with the most innocent in which you’re a struggling single mother, thankful to have the supportive nct dream by you and your child’s side. "I am a top" Ten said with a pout "How many time Jun 09, 2015 · Xiumin: *seeing your scars would hurt Xiumin so much, he’d ask you what had made you feel like cutting was the only option and why you never told him that you were harming yourself with a broken heart, trying not to cry as he thinks about how much pain you must have felt when you’d harm yourself and wondering what caused you to do it in the first place* EXO Reaction (OT12): EXO reaction to you saying ‘I Love You First’ Sorry their short. you tried keeping her out of the room by feeding her, playing with her, and putting on music which consisted of nct, ateez, and bts on repeat. He’d make some form of adorable grabby hands before carefully picking you up and carrying you to bed. Inhaling deeply, you brought your hand up once again and, this time, successfully knocked on the door. You’d notice that he’d start joking more often around you, and that he’d do more impulsive acts, like randomly carrying you in his arms or tickling you out of nowhere, wanting to get some kind of crazy reaction from you, letting you realize that it’s okay to be weird around him. Reactions Always close his eyes and pout when he wants you to kiss him // Sempre The fact that you’re better than me,” I ask, with a hint of anger in my voice. He thought there was something seriously wrong when he was seeing you pout and immediately sighs in relief that you were only upset over such  17 Jul 2019 NCT 127 reaction to you struggling to kiss them ✰Taeil: Taeil After you nodded with a pout, he wouldn't be able to resist planting a soft, but  27 Mar 2017 Anon: nct reaction to s/o hugging them from behind He'd tease you for a bit, but when he saw you pouting - his ultimate weakness - and  25 Aug 2016 Taeyong: Would be the type to play it off looking cool, he'd have the faintest hint of a smile as he watches you pout to cover up how flustered you  6 Nov 2018 NCT 127's reaction to you crying over everything Request: “Nct 127 Whenever you start to pout and your eyes get watery he looks at you  14 Aug 2018 Doyoung : He thought there was something seriously wrong when he was seeing you pout and immediately sighs in relief that you were only  8 Oct 2016 NCT 127 + Johnny's Reaction to: You Being Clingy in a Cute Way Taeil: a tree. Thank you~~~ Mark: It was the first time in a long time you and Mark had sat down to watch one of your Jin: He’d be offended all the way through. Requested: Yes hiii! Could I request an nct 127 + Renjun reaction to seeing you in a swimming suit for the first NCT 127 reaction to their S/O crying after a hard day. You looked at him,giving him a small smile “You know we can’t Soobin,I’m here to keep you out of trouble. but he’s made it clear that it doesn’t change the way he sees you, if anything, it earns you even more respect and admiration. [nct 127] reaction to their parents not approving of his s/o (because they are a foreigner and have tattoos) thanks so much for requesting! i hope you enjoyed what i wrote and had a great day 💗 taeil Jun 29, 2016 · NCT reaction to you kissing a male lead in a drama… Taeyong: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?Do you really have to do it? *starts whining* He’ll also distract you during the scene and will keep on coming in between the camera. •He would say with a pout •You would have to Okay everything before he did it smut nct nct smut nct reaction nct dream smut nct dream reactions nct 127 smut You had to guess that the reason why Taeil wasn’t talking to you after you left the bar was because people kept offering to buy you drinks even though he was right there. Mark Lee: he’s actually the person who approached you first with the matter as you were still hesitant to reveal it to him. Originally posted by 1aeil Taeyong: Smug bastard y’all NCT DREAM reacting to your dog growling at them because they yelled at you requested: yes *d/n means dogs name btw* renjun • he wasn’t really yelling at you • more like whining loudly • but when he May 25, 2020 · NCT shared their reactions to NCT 127’s latest comeback music video, “Punch!” “Punch” is the title track off NCT 127’s repackaged album, “Neo Zone: The Final Round,” which was Anonymous said: can i request nct 127 reacting to their gf falling asleep on another member🤠 thank you in advance Answer: all reactions will be answered shortly until further noticestarts pouting NCT reaction to their s/o pouting because they didn’t hug them [Lucas, Mark, Doyoung, Ten] NCT reaction when their s/o doesn’t kiss them [Lucas, Mark, Haechan, Jeno] NCT reaction to you taking care of them [Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jisung] NCT U Reaction to you asking to cuddle them. Bts Reaction To You Not Kissing Them 29 Apr 2017 You'd catch him smiling slightly to him when you pout, but he does it so lowkey you hardly ever notice. Just as you went to wrap your arms around his neck to give him a morning kiss, he pushed you back causing you to fall off the bed. Jisung’s first one started as you’d expect, praising and encouraging him so thoroughly that he became embarrassed from the sweet words. NCT Dream reaction to you asking them to wash your hair because you are really sick MARK: kinda shook at your ask bc eww, that’s gross. masterist in description! ⇝ fandom: nct u boss era + ten ⇝ genre: fluff lee taeyong “what are you two doing?” you chuckled as you watched your little brother and your boyfriend stuffing their faces with marshmallows. You’ve never woken up so thirsty, you try ignoring it - scrowling at the idea of getting up from your warm GOT7 reaction to their s/o falling asleep on them while watching a movie at their apartment. You knocked on the door and Renjun opened it, bringing you into a hug before you even got a word out. Even though Wonho is a soft little bean, I think he would really be into sending you nudes and occasionally filming you guys during sex. be/U08OSl3V4po NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out! Listen and download on your favor Hello~ could i request nct reaction to their s/o really liking skinship and being kind of clingy in the morning when she wakes up cx BTW I love your blog ♥ Here you go enjoy! Sorry for the late response Thanks for liking the blog if you’re still here Request: Hello i was wondering if you could do nct dream reaction to making their girlfriend mad and when she is mad she looks like a puppy that got kicked in the face. [22:53] The hot of the heater was keeping you warm, though you want him, Doyoung, to be the one keeping you warm between his arms. You watch him with knitted eyebrows as he comes right up to you, bends down, and crashes his lips onto yours. nct 127 nct reaction nct imagine 127 doyoung nct soft hours kpop soft hours nct YUTA : being the so-called manly man he is, he’d openly warn the others not to look at you and remind them that you’re his, even when no one’s been looking at you. Nov 23, 2018 · You started to panic, you were about to call out for Johnny when “You can and you will,” Johnny said while pushing the guy to the ground. this is major fluff! I wanted to experiment with fluff instead of the super dark theme of my account titles. ’’ He says while pouting at me, ‘’How about we go home and watch your favourite movies, while eating popcorn. Baekhyun: starts imitating you until you finally kick him out of the room so you can listen to the album in peace he comes back later again because he’s actually interested. the idol was older than him and he couldn't do anything  20 Mar 2018 means “your ex's name. Originally posted by dovounq NCT Dream + Lucas Reaction to you joining Dream after years of training *based on the Go lineup Mark ; Mark Lee You can’t tell me Mark didn’t cry when you show up at the dorm with all of your stuff. So when you cuddled up to him in front of the members during a movie they all smirked at him as he covered his mouth trying to hide the blush and smile as you kept scooting closer to him. it only takes the smallest gesture to sucker punch him right in the heart, like bringing him a bouquet of flowers after one of nct’s concerts, and before he fully knows what he’s doing he’s kissing you, trying not to let you see how big his grin is. Read NCT Reaction to a guy being too friendly from the story NCT REACTIONS by kpplve (♡) with 9,147 reads. But Mark's reaction to Oct 09, 2019 · The perfect Pout Kiss Handsome Animated GIF for your conversation. nct 127 nct reaction nct imagine 127 doyoung nct soft hours kpop soft hours nct NCT Dream + Yuta’s reaction to you talking about another boy being cute behind their back He’d probably start pouting at you after hearing you and hugging you May 01, 2017 · A/N: For NCT, I’ll be doing reactions for two subgroups - the hyung and the maknae line. Taeil: He’d be so focused on you for the whole time you danced, after you finished he would keep telling you what an amazing dancer you were. Renjun: Originally posted by tutti-frutti-nct NCT DREAM reacting to their s/o babying sicheng requested: yes renjun • he got a lil’ jealous • just cause you never made it a point to give him extra meat or sweets • not that you didn’t • but he BTS reacting to you twerking. today — like most off days — the two of you were relaxing on the couch, he watching tv, you reading a book for a class you had. Request from Anon! “Hi I was wondering if I could get an NCT 127 reaction where the reader who is usually cheery and chilled out most of the Aug 11, 2018 · nct 127 reacts | catching you dancing to cherry bomb. – Sub-Unit: NCT 127 – Yuta’s ideal type: A girl who has short hair, 15 cm shorter than him, has empathy towards people and does not “act pretty” Note: Please don Aug 05, 2020 · First, watch NCT 127 take our "Which NCT 127 Member Are You?" Quiz! View this video on YouTube BuzzFeed / Via youtube. ️ ️ ️ genre: fluff warnings: none a/n: IM SO SORRY THAT THIS TOOK SO LONG! ITS BEEN IN THE INBOX FOR LIKE 2 WEEKS NOW, IM SORRY! Originally posted by build As you began to put on a movie you bent down to put the disk in. ” Ten let you into the apartment, helping you with the bags and scavenging through them after placing them on the kitchen counter. He’d try to distract you, make you do things he knows that you enjoy to forget about the storm outside. Just breathing in NCT Dream: Reaction: You comforting them when they’re crying mxrksgf: “ Request: Anonymous said: nct dream reaction to you comforting them when they’re crying A/N: fjhhkfjrhf this makes me wanna write NCT 127 Reaction: Choreographer!Y/n teaches them a sexy dance; Request | “Can I please get an NCT reaction to you being a foreign choreographer and your idol friend asks you if you could help choreograph a sexy dance for a stage performance for his collab to do with Nct and a girl group. 3 Jul 2019 Woojin walked up to you pouting, you pouted Jeongin loved seeing your reactions to the albums but there was one he wasn't really expecting. nct reaction to you pouting

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